Dads, I want to take the time to pay my respects to you by publishing a few comments from your partners, wives, that I get each week. You can also watch and listen to a new father talk about his experience in one of our videos on my website we use for classes. Take the time to see how all fathers have similar experiences.

In fact, did you know that you’re the most important person providing security, a presence and support for your partner during her pregnancy? Did you know that because of your daily attention to her she can succeed in going through the first weeks after childbirth, persevere with breastfeeding and better recover? Four arms are better than two when welcoming a new baby in the home!

Did you know that because of your daily attention to her she can succeed in going through the first weeks after childbirth…

Many wives and partners have thanked you for the little things you do, your signs of love and tenderness you show them. That the woman that she was before the baby’s arrival is still there, she’s not just a new mother. The loving regard you have for her, your caring words about her and her body, comforting her about her self-image that you still find her attractive. This will really reassure her and consolidate the couple as part of the new family dynamic. Little things that can make a big difference—a hug, a kiss on the neck, softly rubbing her back, patting her bum. Whisper something sweet in her ear in bed, run her a hot bath, take the baby out for a walk, even if you don’t really like walking! 😊

I know that dads often feel like maids or servants when Mom and baby get home. However, you get to share in all the great moments. Sure, they’re demanding, but they will help you build a balanced family by creating a new routine for three. Enjoy this time, as it will never come back!

I want to share an article that includes cute photos of dads and their offspring (in french). The apple never really falls far from the tree…

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert

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