Marie, the Holidays are approaching, and I know I can’t drink alcohol during my pregnancy. Can you suggest some interesting mixes I can drink during our upcoming festive occasions? Thanks for everything! Justine

What a good idea, Justine! Of course, I have several exciting drinks I can suggest for their colour, look and taste! I have a dozen recipes for virgin beverages that you can make. They range in taste and flavour, and you can also serve them to your guests! You’ll see, many will wonder what that fantastic beverage is you are sipping from your wine glass! 😊


Justine, quelle belle idée! Très certainement! Je peux te conseiller quelques “drinks” fort intéressants autant en couleur, qu’en attraction qu’en goût. Je t’ai sorti une douzaine de recettes de boissons sans alcool selon

Enjoy the Holidays!


The Baby Expert 

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