Marie, my name is Charlotte, and I don’t know what to do because I don’t like drinking milk. Because I am pregnant, I try to add milk to everything without having to taste it. Do you have any suggestions for recipes? Thanks in advance! Charlotte

Hello Charlotte,

Consuming milk is indeed very important when pregnant, both for the development of the baby’s skeleton and to ensure that your own bones don’t decalcify to compensate if your baby is not getting enough calcium.

We recommend that pregnant women consume 3-4 portions of dairy products a day, so things like cheese, yogurt, ice cream, iced milk, and of course, milk.

I suggest that you add milk to your crepes, soups, French toast, your smoothies with fruit, etc. I prepared a list of recipes for milkshakes that you can freeze to make delicious popsicles that won’t taste like milk.

Please read my recipes for milkshake popsicles.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert 

Je t’invite à consulter les recettes de popsicles au lait.


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