Marie, my name is Amélie, and I am 30. I would like to have a baby with my husband. We have tried for a year, and now my family doctor has referred me to a fertility clinic. Do you think we should continue trying a bit before going in for more invasive treatments? They scare me! Thanks for your help, Amélie

Amélie, if you want to have a baby with your husband and you are having difficulties, I think you should go in and see a specialist. I also want to reassure you about your fears, as you won’t be forced to do anything. There are different ways to deal with different problems, including tests, analyses, etc., and you and your partner will have to decide about the different options available. You will choose which ones you feel comfortable with.

Please read the articles that I wrote about fertility in general to learn more. You can also read an article about different factors that can be the cause of your difficulty becoming pregnant. You can start using some of the expert advice I provide and get that baby you have been wanting.


Je t’encourage à lire dès maintenant le billet que j’ai écrit sur l’infertilité en général pour mettre la table sur ce sujet. Aussi, consultes le billet sur certains facteurs qui peuvent être à l’origine de la difficulté à devenir enceinte. Tu pourras mettre de l’avant dès maintenant les conseils de Pro qui s’y trouvent afin de réaliser votre vœu de bébé au plus vite. Je t’attends, pour t’expliquer les tests qui viendront probablement pour toi et ton amoureux,.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert


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