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When nothing works, you have to shift to Plan B. You can always consult a fertility clinic. Make sure you bring all your exam and test results with you, as well as your list of medications.

There are many assisted procreation methods available, but you have to use ones that are recommended based on your causes of infertility.

Whether taking medications to stimulate ovulation (ovulation induction), surgery to deal with possible infertility causes, intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilisation, it’s wise to talk with your doctor about risks, timeframes, costs and chances of success. Do this before making your decision to go forward before starting a process that can be very hard, both physically and emotionally. Hope then despair, questioning femininity or masculinity, testing couples, experiencing repeated mourning – this is all possible.

How do you choose the clinic?

Many clinics offer different options. You have to know if they can meet your needs depending on the required treatment.

To help decide, ask questions, visit the clinics, asked detailed questions about the options, talk to other couples who have gone through the process, and if necessary, get psychological help.

You should know that 1/3 of couples will not succeed during their first attempt, but 2/3 couples could have a baby after their 2nd or 3rd. This is very emotionally trying.

According to statistics, couples that use assisted procreation treatments are between 30-44. They still don’t have children, are highly educated and have a higher income than average.

Treatments can cost up to $15,000, depending on the case. A portion of this can be covered by some provincial health plans. As governments change, it’s always best to check to see what is covered before starting the process.

That covers some of the basic information about infertility. I hope this can help you better understand the stages involved in the process.

I also want to say that I sympathise with couples having fertility problems. Those who really want to become parents and experience parenthood. I know you are worried, and I really understand your plight. I encourage you to listen to your instincts and follow your own paths to a solution that is best for YOU!

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