My name is Anna, and I am getting tired of all these blood tests. I don’t like them, and I was wondering if I have to do all of these prescribed blood tests while pregnant. I don’t understand why my doctor wants them! Can you help? Thanks, Anna.

Dear Anna,

I know that needles are not fun when getting a blood test. But the start of a pregnancy is a special moment in life where you have to take care of your growing baby. If you have abnormal components in your blood, this can have a direct impact on your baby. The doctor isn’t prescribing them for fun. He is merely following public health directives. He will then be able to monitor your pregnancy using base data, which will allow him to act to prevent complications for you and the baby. To learn why you need all these blood tests, please read Blood Tests at the Start of Pregnancy for more information.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert 

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