Can I give my two-month-old baby water? It’s sweltering out, and he’s always thirsty. Thanks for your help, Anouk

Anouk, your baby is still too young to give him water. First, a baby doesn’t need additional water, even if sterilised. And second, there is a higher risk of choking as water is thinner than milk. However, if you want to give him water, make sure it’s a small amount (1-2oz) and give it to him between two breastfeeding sessions to not reduce his milk consumption. And never more than twice a day. It’s also essential that you boil the water up to 4 months. After that, you can use tap water unless your water source doesn’t meet health quality standards.

Don’t worry about the amount of water he consumes during the hot summer season. He will get enough hydration from breastfeeding or formula depending on how much he drinks.

It’s also a good idea to get your baby to start drinking water at a specific time in their life. Never give him sweetened drinks or juice at this point. We suggest starting with water after 6 months to get them used to and liking water for when they are thirsty. You can use a sippy cup or ordinary glass, which is easier than using a bottle.

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