Marie, I have the opportunity to travel with my partner for a convention in Mexico, and I am a bit worried. My baby is only three months old. I was wondering if they are too little and if you could give me some ideas to plan everything if I decide to go. Thanks in advance, Diane

Hello Diane, I hope you won’t miss out on a great family trip with your partner and baby! You need to know where you are going, and you have to plan everything considering the presence of your baby who is now part of your life! To answer your question, I thought about the “Welcome, Baby!” concept, which is more present in hotel chains, tourism destinations, and even on airlines. Have you heard about it? It can probably help you plan your stay in Mexico or elsewhere. I am sure you will love all the little things they do for your baby. Please read this article where I talk about “Welcome, Baby!” in more detail.  


Talk soon,
The Baby Expert

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