Marie, my little boy Edward is 2 months old, and my mother always tells me that I have to try and dilate is foreskin. I thought we didn’t do that anymore, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks for your help and everything you do for parents. Eugenie

Thanks for the kind words, Eugenie!

Indeed, we never force the dilation of the foreskin for baby boys. A baby will frequently have what is called physiological phimosis, which is a tight foreskin. It can sometimes take several years for the foreskin to dilate completely (fully descend to free the gland). 50% of baby boys’ foreskins will dilate at 1 year, 80% after 2, and 90% at 3 years of age. However, it is possible to see a completely retractable foreskin, dilated even after puberty. It’s a natural process over time.

Eugenie, no need to force the matter. Retract their foreskins without forcing it, wash and rinse what you see. That’s all you need to do for your young baby.

When your baby is older, it’s good to teach him how to clean his penis like you teach him to wash the rest of his body. When the foreskin is gradually released from the tip, we can see whitish secretions with small lumps called “smegma” which corresponds to the release of dead skin cells that have been replaced. Nothing to fear at this level, we simply wash it.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert