Did you read the previous part, Who should pierce ears?

Before the procedure:

The baby shouldn’t be hungry or tired when getting their ears pierced. It will help lessen the baby’s crying after the procedure.

Photo - Quoi savoir avant de percer les oreilles de bébé? Technicienne qui marque le lobe d'une fillette avant le perçage d'oreilles

The qualified esthetician will apply Emla cream to the site and cover it to ensure that it remains active for at least 45 minutes. This cream desensitises the lobes before piercing them. This cream can’t be used for babies under three months of age. Often, the esthetician prefers doing it themselves because there may be delays between appointments. This also avoids the situation where the parents forget to do it, meaning the cream’s anesthetic effectiveness will be lower.

Here are the stages for the procedure:

  • When the baby’s lobes are frozen, the esthetician will help you place the baby on you so you can firmly hold it and avoid quick movements during the procedure.
  • They may then disinfect each lobe and take the necessary measures before marking the site where they will pierce the lobes with a pencil.
  • The piercing takes a fraction of a second using a sterile device. The baby may cry after piercing the first lobe, but you should quickly move on to the second before consoling her.
  • If you breastfeed your baby, you can do so following the procedure to comfort and console her.

What should you do after?

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