To learn more about the baby travel formula, go to “Baby Welcome!” Travelling.

Expert advice about travelling with a young child: Essential supplies to bring for any trip with a very young child:

  • All-purpose scarf – to cover if cold, block the sun, cover the stroller, use as a breastfeeding apron or sheet. The scarf should be easy to wash and dry
  • Cotton hat for the baby
  • Sunscreen
  • A compact bed if you change places frequently (foldable travel bed, cot)
  • A stomach baby carrier to free your hands
  • Baby clothing that is easy to remove and put one when changing diapers and adapted to the climate

For airline travel:

Usually, one week after childbirth a baby can take a plane if the flight is under two hours. At 3-4 weeks they can accompany their parents for longer flights.

For your information, a baby has the right to bring on a carry-on that weighs under 10kg. You can also bring a cooler with prepared formulas (if you aren’t breastfeeding), juice and food for the baby. It has to be stored in sealed containers, as the staff cannot always provide this service.

With a small baby that can’t sit, you can ask for a travel bed or travel cradle. You have to check in advance to see if it’s available and reserve it when making your reservations. This travel cradle can hold a baby under 25 lbs. If unavailable, the baby will be safely held in its parents’ arms unless you bring a car seat.

Very important – have your baby drink (or suck their pacifier) on takeoff and landing to reduce the impact of changes in atmospheric pressure in its ears and to keep it hydrated. Also, don’t forget to cover your baby in the plane, as the temperature is often cooler and will need to be dressed warmly. For more advice, see my article Travelling with your Baby.

Photo - bébé prend l'avion

Successful Family Vacations

The “Welcome Baby!” concept is a great way to make family travel more accessible. Know that you know about these types of services, you can now make more choices. With the number of families that travel today, tourism destinations would benefit from promoting these types of concepts to attract parents with young babies. Take the time to suggest articles that you think they should add. The concept can only improve over time to meet the needs of parents and children when travelling.

I hope this short article has piqued your interest in travelling as a family, getting out and discovering what the world has to offer.

Bon voyage!

The Baby Expert

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