Marie, my baby is almost 4 months old, and I have a lot of back pain. I was wondering if you can suggest practical things to save our backs and relax the tensions that build up over time. Thanks for everything you do for us and looking forward to your recommendations. Élianna

Élianna, frequently lifting and moving your little bundle over time, requires a lot of physical effort. There are certain positions and precautions you can take to help mothers save their backs and other muscles that are sometimes forgotten. 

To provide you with as much information as possible, I asked an expert physiotherapist to help me provide you with practical advice, and here is an overview:

  1. Carry the baby as close to your body as possible to avoid using your arms as a lever, since this increases pressure on the spine leading to discomfort.
  2. A symmetrical position (same on both sides) should be kept to distribute the load properly.
  3. A sitting position with back, leg and arm support also help comfort and diminish tension even when in an asymmetrical position, like when giving a bottle or breastfeeding.
  4. When transporting the baby, vary your positions! Sometimes use your arms, sometimes in the stroller, and also babywearing. Please watch my video about carrying a baby in a car carrier.
  5. Rest frequently to relax your tired muscles.
  6.  Use your legs rather than your back to pick up the baby to carry them upstairs or place them in the car.Élianna, I think that this information will certainly help! All the best! 




The Baby Expert