Marie, I’m anxious, as I have never handled a newborn, and I will give birth to one soon! I know I will want to help my wife by bathing our baby, but I’m scared I will be clumsy and worry about their fragile state. How can I feel more confident? 

Thanks in advance,


Dear Simon,

You are so cute! It’s normal that you are worried, but any parent has to adapt to a new baby, even if they already have other children. Confidence and agility will come as you give your baby more and more baths. And don’t worry, you can’t break the baby! 😊 Practice makes perfect, and your wife will learn to do it just like you. Your baby is lucky to have a dad that is already concerned for their wellbeing. I wrote Newborn Baths, and I think you should read it. It’s full of great information that can help!


Talk soon,


The Baby Expert