I am breastfeeding my three-week-old baby, and I was wondering how to recognise if my baby has diarrhea, given their stool is liquid most of the time. Thanks for your help, Marie-Chantal

Hello Marie-Chantal,

A baby who is exclusively breastfed will have very liquid stool. However, even if diarrhea is rare in breastfed babies, you can recognise gastroenteritis by:

  •       A sudden change in frequency, if they pass stool more often;
  •       The diaper absorbs most of the liquid, which looks like water;
  •       The stool or liquid is greenish, viscous or smelly.

If you note this, you have to examine your baby’s general health and ensure they are not overly sleepy. If they have a fever, continue breastfeeding to hydrate them to compensate for water loss. Of course, you have to see the doctor if the situation continues. I hope this helps you recognise diarrhea in a breastfed baby!

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert

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