I’m going back to work in one month, and I am breastfeeding my baby. He hates bottles, and I am stressed. Have I waited too long to introduce him to bottles?

I need help!


Nathalie, when a baby has been breastfed since birth, there is never a right time to start the bottle. You have to try and adjust to your baby.

Don’t feel guilty, because you’ve tried your best to give the best to your baby. However, I understand that the transition to daycare can be an additional stress. Most of the time it will go better than expected. They will get used to an environment where you are absent and will integrate into a routine with the other children. They will likely be more demanding at home though. He may feed more at night or restart his nightly feeds to make up for what he didn’t get during the day.

I don’t know your baby’s age, but I assume they are over six months. So they have already started eating from all food groups and also drink milk to meet their dairy needs. If he refuses the bottle, he can drink his milk with a sippy cup. Don’t force the bottle. You will have to wean him off it in a couple of months anyway. What do you think?

It’s up to you if you want to continue breastfeeding when he’s at home. Your production will slowly diminish, and often the baby will choose to stop breastfeeding after a certain amount of time because your breasts won’t produce fast enough for him.

You still have a month before going back to work, so start integrating a cup into the routine, and make sure your partner is involved. Progressive entry into daycare can help with this important transition, both for parents and the baby.

It’s now up to you!

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert.