Hello Marie, I’ve never had milk letdown; I have a low milk supply. Giving mixed breastfeeding since birth. I must now resign myself to quit, since my baby cries nonstop when I nurse her. She’s only 9-month-old … I admit, it’s a mourning! I tried all the natural products but never dared to use domperidone, since I was a little afraid to relive the failure, and effects of the drug on the baby. Honestly, I feel judged when I hear others telling me: “You’re not breastfeeding anymore!” Is it common not to have milk?


Hello Évelyne, concerning low milk supply, not to worry. You’re not the only one! In fact, it’s good that you have tried natural products that can help, but at this point, the use of domperidone would certainly be appropriate. It’s up to you! I invite you to ask questions to your health care provider to see what concerns you about this medication, and then make an informed choice. You can also read my article about production lactée.



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