I am a new mother, and a nurse in the maternity ward told me that the colostrum from my breasts is very rich for my baby. But I feel that there’s not a lot coming from my breasts! Will I produce enough milk for my baby even if I had tiny amounts of colostrum yesterday? I gave birth to my son three days ago. Thank you for everything you do for us. Marie-Laurence 

Marie-Laurence, colostrum contains high levels of excellent things, and it is the most appropriate liquid for your newborn’s needs. I understand your question about quantity. In fact, you should know that the average daily colostrum volume is about 30ml, or 1 ounce (it can vary between 7-123ml over 24 hours and 7-14ml per feeding) during the first days after childbirth. It may seem tiny, but this is usually quite enough. Additionally, in your colostrum, there is natural lactose which provides energy for your baby and helps prevent hypoglycemia (lowering of sugar in his blood). It’s the perfect beverage! 

Don’t worry about your production. Your engorgement will arrive soon, and when your baby feeds regularly with good intensity, it will stimulate your production. That is what will make the difference for your lactation, not the quantity of colostrum.

(((Il ne faut pas t’inquiéter pour ta production. Ton engorgement viendra sous peu …..)))

If your baby swallows well when feeding, regularly urinates and passes stool, if their weight stabilises (stops losing weight), if they wake up on their own to feed, this means that you are providing them with enough milk. Don’t doubt yourself, and ask a lactation health professional for help if you note problems. 

Si ton bébé avale bien en tétant, s’il fait régulièrement ses pipis et cacas, ……

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert 

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