I became a mother three weeks ago, and my baby was born ahead of time, at 31 weeks. Her name is Mélina.

The doctors told me everything seemed fine so far, but it’s possible something can happen one day. Marie, I am scared because I don’t know anything about babies, and now I have one that needs even more care and attention. I feel under-equipped to deal with it. The medical team told me that they monitor the risks of the complications, but I don’t know what they are referring to.

Can you help?

Thanks for your support, Olivia

Olivia, I have a lot of empathy for you. I know how you must feel during this experience. I really can’t imagine how a mother can feel when her baby is confined to an incubator. I am scared just thinking about it. Yes, your baby is weak and needs care, but they are your baby, and you are their parent. She needs your presence, your love. The medical staff is there to help you and make sure they are continuously monitored to act if necessary. To better answer your question about possible complications due to prematurity, please read The World of Premature Babies.

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert