Marie, my two-month-old baby seems to have an earache. He twists and turns and complains a lot more. Is he teething? Is he just naturally impatient? Is it an ear infection? I don’t know what to think, but if it’s an ear infection, I guess I should have it checked, right? Thanks for helping parents who have all these questions! Angelina

Hello Angelina,

Excellent question! You have already analysed some of the options that might fit with your observations. Now, at two months (6-8 weeks), there is an intense brain development stage that takes place, which is a difficult period. The baby is often more dissatisfied and needs more attention, cries more, etc. But he is not necessarily sick, and it goes back to normal after 1-2 weeks.

For teething, I think he is a bit young. Most children will have their first tooth around 5-6 months. So it’s still early, but not impossible. Wait and see…

For an ear infection, if your baby has a fever for more than 2-3 days, doesn’t hear as well and appears to be suffering despite Tylenol (no ibuprofen before 6 months) you should see the doctor. Check for discharge in his ears (yellowish liquid or blood)…if your baby is not drinking or drinking a lot, urinates and poops less, and his general state seems poor, these are other reasons to see the doctor.

qu’il vous paraît souffrant malgré le Tylenol (ibuprofène pas avant 6 mois)

Ear infections don’t always require antibiotic treatments, but if necessary, the doctor will prescribe what is needed after examining your baby in the clinic. If despite the treatments, nothing changes after several days, or the symptoms get worse, go back to the doctor. On the contrary, if everything is fine and the infection dissipates as expected, you should still go in for an ear exam after the treatment to make sure he is fully recovered.

I hope this answers your question, and I wish you all the best!

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert