Did you read the previous part, How to Soothe a Teething Baby?

Article updated in January 2023.

Products to avoid during teething:

  • Very important: it is officially recommended that you avoid hazelnut necklaces because many babies have eaten the beads after removing the necklace, which can cause choking
  • Products that freeze gums, such as Orajel, are dangerous as the baby can swallow it. This product numbs gum nerves, and babies can have strong reactions to it
  • Teething cookies are often made with very sweet ingredients which are not appropriate for babies

I have provided you with a lot of information about teething, which I hope can help you through this often challenging stage in your baby’s life.

The MSSS 2022 update on young children’s dental health proposes the first visit to the dentist at 12 to 18 months of age in an effort to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride varnish applications could be incorporated as needed.

Talk soon,

The Baby Expert

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