Marie, I know it’s a good idea to change my baby’s position during breastfeeding sessions. I gave birth 10 days ago, and I noted that I automatically use the cradle hold position. I was wondering if I should use other ones. Can you help? Thanks for everything you do for mothers! Sara-Maude

Excellent question, Sara-Maude. Good positions and proper latching are the foundations of good breastfeeding practices. When a mother has given birth to her baby, healthcare workers will suggest that you change positions during your breastfeeding sessions.

Why? Because the baby’s latching will change based on its position and can help reduce the occurrence of injuries or trauma to your breasts.

I don’t know if you are having problems or not. But given that your baby is still tiny, you should always try to prevent complications rather than heal them.

So, you can use different positions, such as the cross-cradle hold, rugby ball hold, side-lying position, dangle feeding, and in a few weeks the koala hold, recommended for babies with reflux. Please watch my videos called Experiencing the First Moments and Starting Breastfeeding to help visualise everything.à voir la vidéo sur Vivre les premiers moments et débuter l’allaitement pour aider à

All the best to you and your baby, and keep up the excellent work!


The Baby Expert