I just gave birth, and my doctor said I was starting to show signs of postpartum depression. He told me to go see a specialist; if I don’t, he wants to give me a medication I don’t want to take. What do you think Marie? I would like your opinion.



Eugénie, I don’t know anything about your health, nor your postnatal recovery or your typical temperament, but I think if your doctor recommends you consult, it’s likely a good thing to do. They know your medical history better than I do.

Many studies have shown that new mothers say they have difficulty going to specialists for signs of depression. They use excuses such as not enough time, stigmatisation associated with a diagnosis, and problems getting the baby cared for. These reasons might concern you too, which makes you resistant to what your doctor says. They only want the best for you.

Think about it more…your baby needs a healthy mother, a mother cares both for it and herself. If you want to care for your baby, you also have to care for yourself. If your mind, heart and body are healthy, this will reflect on your baby, partner, friends and family. There are only benefits to getting help now. You might be able to avoid having to take medication if your situation worsens.

Please watch the video about perinatal depression I filmed with Nathalie Parent, a psychologist, and read an article dealing with postpartum depression. These will help you understand what is happening and see what treatment alternatives are available.

Take care,

The Baby Expert