I gave birth 3 weeks ago and was wondering when my episiotomy wound will fully heal? Thanks for your help! Audrey-Anne

Excellent question, Audrey-Anne. In fact, you should expect at least 6-8 weeks for the healing process to be complete. I strongly suggest that you either see your doctor or a physiotherapist who specialises in the pelvic floor to learn about massage techniques for your wound. If you massage it at the right time, it will help break up the adhesions that may have formed and facilitate fuller healing of the tissues. You can also ask your partner to do it as it is easier for them to see the exact spot to massage. Over time, you will have less discomfort during sexual relations.


Additionally, since an episiotomy further weakens the pelvic floor, you may want to get evaluated by a physiotherapist. They can advise you how to strengthen your structures in the right way for the best possible recovery. You will have acted proactively to prevent complications during a future pregnancy and for the rest of your life, as age also weakens the pelvic floor.

Take care of yourself, Audrey-Anne!