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Many professionals pierce ears after having been trained. Most of the time it will be an esthetician who has received both basic training and several hours of additional training about piercing a baby’s ears before being able to do the procedure.

Before the actual piercing, these professionals are trained to evaluate the baby’s lobes, their size, thickness. They will also check to see if there is adequate space between the baby’s lobe and neck. Since every lobe is different, both ears will be evaluated.

Once the evaluation is completed, the esthetician will choose the best closure for the baby. Often, the post is shorter and adapted to avoid pressure on the baby’s skin.

Stages Before Ear Piercing

Photo - Quoi savoir avant de percer les oreilles de bébé? Boucles d'oreille en or pour éviter les infections

Usually, those who pierce ears do it for free when you buy a pair of gold earrings (on average between $45 and $85). This means you get a quality pair of earrings to avoid infections or other complications that may occur after the procedure.

Parents may arrive with a pair of earrings they received as a gift. Often, they are too big or are gold-plated, which is the wrong choice for a baby. But they can wear them later in life.

Those trained in piercing a baby’s ear will explain the procedure as they do it and the care you need to do after. Don’t be surprised if you have to sign a liability waiver or a release to protect the person doing the procedure.

Some professionals pierce ears with sterile devices. This makes the job a lot easier. However, make sure that they use newer devices, as some can be out of date. You may also be offered the choice of piercing both sides at the same time. But usually, it is challenging to reach both lobes at the same time safely if the parent is firmly holding their baby. It is better to go one lobe at a time.

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