My friend Élise breastfeeds her baby 5 minutes per breast, and mine spends more than 20 minutes per breast. Why is there such a difference between the children? Thanks for your help, Annie-Claude

Annie-Claude, in fact, there can be many reasons. I will start by sharing one due to the baby and one due to the mother. First, a baby’s temperament has an impact on their breastfeeding speed and vigour. A very vigorous baby who has fast motor development is often fast when breastfeeding. A baby with a lazier temperament with slower progress will also breastfeed slower. They will take pauses or slow down, thus the longer time on your breasts.

vite dans son développement moteur est souvent aussi très rapide à la tétée au sein.

There is also the mother’s anatomy. The milk ducts which bring milk to the nipple then the baby’s mouth narrow down and form small holes (sinuses) on a woman’s breast. The baby will receive the quantity of their milk from these sinuses. Some women have less than 10 sinuses on their nipples, while others can have up to 20, which increases milk flow. This may explain, in part a least, the difference.

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