Have you read the previous part about Indicators of Anxiety: Phobias and Post-Traumatic Stress?

Anxiety or an anxiety disorder doesn’t often occur alone. So a father or mother may have two or three problems already listed or frequent such as:

  1. Depression
  2. Insomnia

For example, a parent with post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from childbirth can, at the same time, develop excessive worries. This can create reactions to life uncertainties that can in their mind potentially be dangerous. Being in an underlying emotional state of anxiety, with avoidance, reassurance or control behaviours that it causes, can lead to fatigue, exhaustion over the long term and create a demoralised or depressed state.

1. Perinatal Depression 

For both men and women during the period they become parents, this occurs more than we think. Again, being in an emotional state of anxiety, causing avoidance, reassurance or control behaviours, creates fatigue, exhaustion and lead to a demoralised state. I recently produced a video about perinatal depression (in french) with a psychologist specialising in this field. I also wrote an educational entry about postpartum depression. I suggest you consult both.

Insomnie2. Insomnia

Frequently the physical tension associated with anxiety and anxious thoughts (worries, obsessions, fears) affect sleep. Insomnia can be difficulties falling asleep or waking up frequently or too early in the morning. These problems feed into the parent’s anxiety by lowering their energy and making them vulnerable to its symptoms.

Finally, we have seen that anxiety has physical effects. Many physical effects can stem from anxiety. This is what often gets parents to consult their doctor. They will talk more about their physical pain (chest for example), tension, sleep or concentration problems or depressive symptoms. If anxiety isn’t searched for properly, it often goes unnoticed.

Continue reading with, “The Impacts of Perinatal Anxiety.

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