Marie, is it normal that there’s a deposit in the bottom of the bottle? It looks like plastic, and it’s impossible to remove when cleaning. Thanks, Melanie

Did you buy new bottles for your baby, or were they used? You have to use rigorous cleaning methods all the time. Also, I suggest you change these bottles. Then, after each feeding, rinse the bottle and nipple (same goes for the breast pump) with cold water. Why? Because cold water removes surplus milk and won’t cook in the bottom of the bottle like hot water.

You have to sterilise bottles and nipples up to 4 months. After four months, when your day is done, and you wash everything that was already rinsed, you have to use clean soapy water and a brush to get to the bottom of the bottles. Then rinse with hot tap water. You have to repeat this routine every day. Time will fly by, and soon you will no longer have to do this as your baby grows!

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert