Marie, I am writing to you because I don’t know who to believe. My mother said I should eat liver during my pregnancy due to the iron content. My doctor said I shouldn’t, due to the vitamin A content. I don’t know who to believe. Can you help? Naomie

I can understand your confusion when you receive contradictory advice. Your mother was concerned with your iron intake. The doctor wanted you to be careful of eating liver because of its high levels of vitamin A, called retinol.

Vitamin A is essential for the development of sight, bones and teeth, skin composition and the immune system. Daily consumption is not a problem, but excess retinol can damage the baby during pregnancy.

That’s why pregnant women, or women who are attempting to become pregnant, are advised to avoid liver and cod liver oil. You will get enough vitamin A for you and your baby from the animal-based foods you consume in your diet (meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products) and pregnancy multivitamins.

produits laitiers de ton alimentation et dans ta multivitamine de grossesse.

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The Baby Expert