Hello parents!

Finding a name for your future baby requires thought and discussion as a couple. You will have to repeat the name for the coming years, so you better like it from the start, right?

In this article:

  • How to choose a baby’s name
  • The sound of the name: How does it sound?
  • Name popularity

How to choose a baby’s name?

Many couples start by preparing individual lists with names for boys or girls. They then compare their lists to see if there are any similarities. Each then explains why they like the names they chose, and then think about them for several days or weeks before talking about it again.  

From the start, different names could have negative connotations for some people – over-excited child, problem child, lazy child – or positive ones – intelligent, friendly, confident, etc.…

All you need is for your network to include a child that has traits you don’t like and voila, you don’t like their name. The choice of a first name is also influenced by external factors that guide your thought process.

Single or compound first name? You have many choices.

The sound of the name: how does it sound?

When you discuss the name you want to give to your child, don’t forget to say it out loud, and include the family name to see if it sounds good to your ears. Some first names won’t go well with a specific last name, even if you generally like the first name. Some first and last names can become a joke due to the association they create together.

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