Make sure you read the first part, How to Know if Your Pelvic Floor is Losing its Tone.

How can you re-educate your pelvic floor? Firming up the pelvic floor can make a difference in many ways.

First, you should consult a physiotherapist specialising in the pelvic floor to evaluate your condition and to teach you strengthening exercises, such as Kegel exercises. Know how to do Kegel exercises properly is not easy, right ladies?

  • Do Kegel exercises regularly during the postnatal period. Make it part of your daily routine.
  • Avoid impact exercises for at least two months after childbirth.
  • Avoid constipation.
  • After a few months, some use geisha balls for perineal re-education. They contract muscles to keep them in the vagina while standing up. Geisha balls, even if they are better known for providing intimate pleasure, can help strengthen the vaginal and perineal muscle structures.
  • LadySystem® is also an alternative for all women throughout their life. It involves holding a cone inside the vagina to work and contract muscles to firm them, similar to Kegel exercises. You can learn to do Kegel exercises effectively this way. It comes with five same-sized cones that weigh differently. This allows you to progress over time.

Do you want to know more about the pelvic floor? Come and watch my video on the Pelvic Floor with the participation of Marie-Ève, a physiotherapist specializing in the subject.

Come join me, I’m waiting for you!

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