Wow! Since I saw you during the ultrasound a week ago, I can’t stop thinking about my little girl! I want to prepare your bedroom; I bought paint and Mom is very happy to see that it’s slowly turning into a beautiful place for you to grow.

Your mother and I are thinking about what to name you…Lili-Rose, Alice…or Adele, or Juliette! Listen, we can’t agree on a name yet, but you’ll have one when you are born. When I talk to you close to Mom’s tummy, you hear me because you move around, and you follow my hand as I rub her tummy. To develop this bond, I am taking a couple of haptonomy sessions with your mother.

Your brain is coming together, but it’s not done. You can suck your thumb, and the surfactant, which is essential for lung maturation, has started secreting. You measure 24-26 cm, and you weigh 440-540 grams.

Mom’s tummy is growing, and it’s hard when I touch it. Her abdominal muscles are slowly spreading, which is called diastasis. She feels a lot of pulling in her stomach. She is signing up for swimming classes to prepare her muscle structures for childbirth, including the pelvic floor which needs much work during pregnancy.

Your mom’s nose bled yesterday, and her gums bleed when she brushes her teeth. This is due to the increase in blood volume during pregnancy, and there’s no need to worry. I think that everyone in the family is doing well, and we are slowly getting closer to the big day! Sleep well baby daughter!

Practical Advice :

  • The location of the uterus should follow the age of the pregnancy in centimetres. This means that the doctor will measure the height of your uterus with a tape measure to monitor the baby’s development. At 24 weeks pregnant, the height of your uterus should be around 24 cm. If there is a difference of +/- 2 cm that persists after two consecutive appointments, you might have an ultrasound to check.
  • A mother’s weight gain can vary based on her weight before pregnancy, nausea/vomiting, diet, etc. Your weight is checked to see if it corresponds to your situation, and you will be given advice depending on the results. You need to gain at least 10-12 pounds during pregnancy, even if the woman was overweight before becoming pregnant.

Here are some suggestions to learn more about what’s happening to you and to help you prepare for what’s coming.


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