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Awareness and Release of Emotional Memories

Annie Ruelle
Memory Release and Deprogramming Coach

We now know that a child’s start of their life is the foundation of their existence.

By studying the links that exist between what a child expresses and programs that they stored during the period that starts nine months before conception and extends up to the end of their first year, you can help the child release the suffering that they express through behavioural disorders (excessive anger, attachment problems, etc.), sleep disorders, dietary issues, health problems…

These programs often correspond to significant stresses or strong emotions experienced by parents during this critical period, or transgenerational repetition (“conflicts” that are transmitted from generation to generation).

There is no need to live with these programs and cracks in a person’s foundation for the rest of their life!

There is a way to release them – deprogramming.

Annie will work with you to find the thread and help you help your children to break the pattern so that they can enjoy a full life, one that is their own, FREE AND FULFILLED!

Annie can help you make the link between what is expressed physically and what is taking place psychologically and emotionally, both consciously and often unconsciously.

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Centre Odyssée Interdisciplinary Team

In the case of a woman who feels her body is overwhelmed, we can suggest that she starts with a psychotherapy meeting with Karine to find out the reasons she feels this way since the start of her pregnancy. She can then get a massage or take yoga classes to open up her body and give space to the baby. Later, a more in-depth process could take place with Jeen or Annie to release her more deep-seated unconscious memories or explore her personal childbirth story.

As you can see, there are several ways we can help you. All you need to do is find the best one for yourself. You play the leading role in this scenario.

All the best!

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The Baby Expert

Thanks to the interdisciplinary team at Odyssée for their contribution to this article.

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