Marie, during my first ultrasound I learned that I was going to have twins. YIKES! What a surprise! It felt like I was dreaming…not sure if I believe it yet! I already have Malik, my two-year-old, and was wondering how I can breastfeed two babies at a time. Do you have some advice to help me prepare?



Dear Joanie, your babies chose you to become their mother. Don’t worry, you can carry, deliver and feed them. You already have some experience after your first baby so this will give you more confidence at the start. The skills you learned with Malik will come back when it comes time to breastfeed your twins. You will have to adjust, of course, depending on when they are born and the fact you have to feed two at a time. But when they arrive, you will have your partner, family and skilled people around you to help start everything. Please read my article Breastfeeding and Twins as I am sure you will find many answers to your questions in it.

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert

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