To better understand carpal tunnel syndrome, go to the previous article Carpal Tunnel Syndrome During Pregnancy.

  • There are many symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome:
  • Numbness felt mainly in your thumb, index, middle and ring fingers. At the outset, this occurs mostly at night, but then gradually during the day. Often starts on the side you use most. For example, your right wrist if you’re right-handed. Over time, it can affect the other wrist and hand due to compensation of movements to your other side;
  • Over time general numbness;
  • Pain that goes from your hand to your elbow and even shoulder;
  • Tingling or burning feeling;
  • Problems with feeling in your hands: swelling, less able to feel hot and cold;
  • Weakness when holding or pinching an object. Loss of muscle strength in your hand and wrist;
  • Changes in wrist mobility.

Can you prevent it during pregnancy?

Can you prevent the appearance or aggravation of carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy? Good question!

Photo - Atelle au poignet pour le syndrome du tunnel carpien

With the information found above, the pregnant woman’s physiological condition won’t improve subjacent carpal tunnel syndrome situations, even before pregnancy. On the contrary! That said, at the start of pregnancy when the symptoms of numbness at night start, then shift to the day, it’s strongly recommended that you wear a brace or prosthesis as a preventative measure. This helps you avoid flexing your wrist, which will increase the local inflammation and will slow the phenomenon, limiting the intensity of the different possible symptoms, at least for a time.

To learn about possible treatments, read the article Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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