To learn more about paternal depression, go to Paternal Depression and Baby’s Arrival.

Dépression paternelle et arrivée d’un bébé - Papa et bébé

Dads are also scared! They also have many questions, and worry about how the baby’s arrival will change their life! They also reflect on how they will be as a father to a baby, how can they develop a relationship with them and learn to adapt to their new social role, especially if this is their first baby.

Some will have had positive father figures in their life. This increases their confidence because they simply need to do the same thing as their father did. Others don’t want to repeat the mistakes of their father and are somewhat lost in how to develop their role.

Many factors can lead to depression symptoms during this transition period:

  • Insecurity in their father role
  • Social pressure for perfection
  • The desire to have a successful life
  • Lack of positive father figures
  • Lack of support from friends and family
  • Worries about money

Other Factors

These sources of stress can also contribute to the appearance of signs of depression in a future or new father:

  • If the future father already went through depression
  • If the baby is a surprise
  • If the couple isn’t functioning properly
  • If the pregnancy is at risk
  • If sexual relations are too infrequent
  • If they don’t have time for leisure activities
  • If they have financial difficulties
  • If their sleep habits are disturbed
  • If they feel alone

Don’t forget that parenthood requires the couple to overcome a new challenge, an adjustment, a learning process in the face of new responsibilities. It’s not always easy to renegotiate daily tasks while adding in the care for a new child.

To learn more about signs of depression, please read Signs of Depression in a Future or New Father.

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