Breastfeeding is an important topic during prenatal classes during pregnancy to prepare parents for starting breastfeeding. When parents are better informed about winning methods to promote breastfeeding, they will be more comfortable during the first attempts after birth. In this sense, preparing for breastfeeding is as important as preparing for delivery.

A newborn baby placed skin-to-skin with their mother can warm up, feel comfortable and look at their mother, the person they’re getting to know, and better understand their new environment.

After a few minutes of extra-uterine life, many babies are very alert. They will use the adrenergic effect of childbirth to make the first attempts at their mother’s breast to feed themselves now that the umbilical cord has been cut.

Babies are fun to watch when they start showing clear signs they’re ready to breastfeed. They might move their eyes, their arms, legs and try to stretch out, make sucking movements with their mouth or suck their hand. They may also head straight for the milk treasure using their sense of smell. It will guide them straight to your nipple. This is what we commonly call rooting. They may even rock their head like a woodpecker while moving towards your breast.

This portrait indicates that it’s time to give them your breast for their first feeding. Take advantage of their alertness, their energy. Please don’t wait for them to cry. This way, they will learn that mother is there to meet their feeding needs and won’t be deprived of anything.

Breastfeeding requires a lot of coordination for the baby. It requires more than six different newborn nerves, 60 muscles and 22 bones. Of course, all of these structures can influence their adaptation to breastfeeding. If it’s difficult starting breastfeeding, you will need to verify if musculoskeletal strains are present.

Would you like to see a concrete example of initiating breastfeeding and latching? Watch the video about breastfeeding called Experiencing the First Moments. In it, you will find useful information that might answer questions you have and reassure you about what you can expect from this new and unknown experience.

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