Hello! I’m here and have been in your tummy for 28 weeks. You often wonder how I am doing, so I wanted to tell you what’s going on.

First, I can really hear you in the outside world, which means that I react to what you do. Things like when dad touches mom’s stomach when dad kisses her tummy in the morning and night. Mom, I go everywhere with you!

I am getting bigger and taking up more space. I am also a lot heavier to carry around all day long! I am getting lots to eat from you, mom. It all comes down the umbilical cord, and the liquid that surrounds me is changed every 3 hours due to the balance between what I absorb through my skin and what I eliminate as waste. I blink my eyes several times a day since my eyelids separated, but there really isn’t much to see here…

I sleep a lot, but on an irregular schedule. Mom, when you move, I am rocked, and I rest more. When you are at rest, that’s when I am more active, sending you signals that I am still here. 

I weigh about 1.4 kg and measure between 35-43 cm. I know, the pregnancy isn’t done yet. I have to continue to develop to be born in the best possible condition. So we’ll have to wait a bit before making eye contact. Take care of yourself, because your cervix can start to efface and dilate. So you should slow down a bit to make sure I am not born before term.

Have a great day, and don’t give up parents! I am doing well and really look forward to meeting you in the outside world!

From your little baby!

A letter will follow every two weeks with a mother, father and baby portion and includes practical things associated with each stage of pregnancy.

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Talk soon,


The Baby Expert 

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