Marie, I don’t know what’s happening to my husband. He’s closed, doesn’t seem happy, more irritable. I need to stimulate him to do things he used to love to do. This all started when my stomach started to grow. He always says he’s fine, but his morale seems low and I don’t understand why, because he was so happy that I finally became pregnant. Can you help? Thank you for everything you do!



I see that you are worried about your husband, and I understand. In principle, what you are going though is something happy and desired. But there seems to be a grey cloud hanging over your house. There can be many reasons for the changes you have seen. However, it’s possible that some future or new fathers can have depression during the perinatal period. Yes, it’s possible, and though not as well documented as women, almost 10% of men will experience it. It can occur during pregnancy or up to six months after childbirth.

To learn more, please read my article that talks about paternal depression.

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