10 Things About Parenthood You Should Know

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Hello Parents,

Are you a new or future parent? Congratulations!

Here is a list of 10 things associated with the arrival of your baby. I would like to share some answers I got on Facebook from parents. Enjoy!

  • Childbirth is an incredible event. Few words can reflect what you feel during this event. You have to experience it to understand
  • A baby changes your life and requires adaptation, time. It doesn’t change the world, BUT…it changes parents. You have to learn to understand your capacities and grow into your role as a parent.
  • While the unknown can be scary if you take it one day at a time, the mountain will seem less challenging to climb. Keep an open mind!
  • You have to give yourself time to learn, to accept your errors, and sometimes even doubt yourself. It’s part of life, part of being HUMAN! Do your best every day, and congratulate yourself for little successes.
  •  Lack of sleep is a reality you have to learn to live with as a new parent. But it won’t kill you! A nap can make all the difference.
  • Worrying about every little detail for our children is part of being a parent. It’s something that reaches down deep into our inner core.
  • Learn to trust yourself. You are the expert about your baby. Each baby is different and has their own pace. You know them best.
  • Babies express themselves by crying. It’s normal, and remember that it’s only a phase! Be patient, because time will fly by and the baby will grow.
  • Support networks are essential. Family, friends that encourage and help. Be careful of advice: listen, but only take the advice you think fits with your values and are comfortable with.
  • Enjoy all your moments spent as a family because they can never be repeated. Each stage involves joy and challenges, but you get through them. In the end, you have to be organised to achieve inner peace, avoid regrets and to be proud of what you accomplish as a parent giving your 100%.

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