Marie, my doctor said I have cervical dehiscence. What does that mean? I didn’t dare ask. Thanks in advance, Adeline.

Adeline, it’s a great question because the term dehiscence is not frequently used with future mothers.

The cervix is a channel that is about 3 centimetres wide, with two openings at the extremities. One of the openings, more towards the inside, is in contact with the uterus. The opposite one is more in contact with the vaginal mucosa. 

A dehiscent cervix means that the external cervix, the one that is touched first during a gynecological exam, is slowly opening. The internal cervix, which is deeper, remains closed. 

This situation often occurs later in the pregnancy as the additional weight of the baby and uterus can cause the cervix to open a bit.

This in no way means you are in labour, or that you will start labour soon. No one knows when you will start. But be assured that it’s not labour, it just means that your cervix has opened a bit.

I hope this helps Adeline. All the best!

Talk soon,


The Baby Expert