Make sure you read the previous part of the story – I am slowly getting back to normal at my own pace.

Assurez-vous de lire la partie précédente de ce récit, Je retrouve tout doucement la société, à mon rythme.

Dear Mothers,

I am 35 weeks and 6 days pregnant, and I feel relieved and delighted.

I am so happy that all these efforts (and a lot of luck) have allowed my baby to grow slowly. I also see childbirth in a more “normal” way, without added worries. I feel I can give birth serenely.

Photo - Soulagement et joie dans le coeur d'être rendue à 36 semaines de grossesseWe had another false alarm, strong contractions during the night from Sunday to Monday, 10 pm to 9 am. They were every 20 minutes, but not 100% regular and at dawn started to diminish in intensity. In short, what a night! I brought the suitcases to the hospital, left a note for my daughter’s care, and well, it seems we’re prepared!

For the next two days, I was depressed (lack of sleep, exhausted because of the pain). But since then it’s calmer, and I can do some activities…and I feel happier.

I also got good news about my work. I was ranked 1st for a new position when school starts. Cognitively I have difficulty keeping us, and with sleepless nights, I have pretty much stopped reading my emails. Hard to be a professional and pregnant at the same time. But even if this new job kind of scares me, and the impact it will have on my family life, it feels good to have this aspect in my life.

Baby, I don’t feel you move as much since you don’t have a lot of space. Kind of weird. The relationship we have developed has had to change, and we have to be patient for our first meeting. We don’t have to change completely, I continue to talk to you, massage your knee (or foot?) and love you, of course!

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Photo - Avatar de Charlotte, maman collaboratrice au journal d'une maman

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