We’re now at term! Yes! We did it, and I am so looking forward to seeing you. I feel heavy, and I am looking forward to being mobile again, flexible, find my body…

False labour contractions are increasing. Pinching in my lower stomach, cramps that feel like menstrual pain, sometimes little electric shocks in my pubic bone and high sensitivity in my lower back. They vary in intensity, and I don’t think you’re coming tonight. I see the doctor for a check-up every week now. He wants to make sure everything is fine and prevent certain complications at the end of pregnancy.

Your father invited me out for dinner. He said we have to take advantage of these last moments alone before spending all our time with you. He’s such a gentleman! We had lots of fun together, and we promised to do the same thing after your birth to take care of our marriage and remain in love.

Your car seat is already in place, and your dad followed the instructions to get you back home safely. You weigh about 2.7-2.9 kg, and you measure 48 cm. You can come out when you want to my baby; we’ve been waiting for you for a long time!

Practical Advice:

  • Prepare a list of telephone numbers for family and friends to call after childbirth. Put it in your suitcase (or telephone).
  • Advice your family and friends about the rules to follow in the maternity ward concerning visitation hours.
  • Your birth plan (or childbirth wishes) should be completed and placed in your suitcase to be given to the nurse who will be with you when you arrive in the maternity ward.

Here are some suggestions to learn more about what’s happening to you and to prepare for what’s coming:



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