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I felt that time went slowly before…over the past week, the time has been crawling by. More than a week before the expected date, but no traces of the baby. Not even knocking on the door…Baby Émile has decided to make us languish! I plan everything in my life…and even if I know you can’t control a baby, I have quickly learned the lesson. Today is my birthday, everyone thought I would be surprised by him arriving on this special day…but nope. He’s staying warm in his cocoon. And I’m here complaining, not even carrying the weight of the stomach and everything that goes with it. But Rachel would also like to some release, start to snuggle the baby. But there’s not much we can do. We hoped childbirth would come on its own, but it seems it will be induced this Wednesday. At least we have a set date…but even knowing the date, each day that starts without signs of labour is a bit of a deception. And all day long I say to myself we are complaining for nothing. We had a great pregnancy, we had the chance of having a baby after only two inseminations, we’ve been waiting 9 months…what’s another 2-3 days?

I was due for a vacation, and after two full weeks thinking he would arrive during the first…I’ve gotten enough rest. Everyone said I take advantage of my last nights of sleep…But when we’ve slept enough, or wake up early in the morning expecting something to happen…it’s more like torture…

So in life, we can’t control destiny, but when you think about it, everything good in life usually happens unexpectedly…so we will be a beautiful little boy…and of course, he will follow his own mind!

I think we are too excited to hold him in our arms. A little less than 48 hours, just 2 sleeps. Who would have thought that patience is such a difficult virtue to have. And to think it’s our little one who is teaching us this valuable lesson, even before he arrives!!!

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Chantal and Rachel

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Photo - Échographie 20 semaines - journal intime de Chantal et Rachel