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The use of raspberry herbal tea during pregnancy has many benefits. Information about the raspberry leaf indicates that it’s an intelligent plant that can meet the needs of women throughout their life, their pregnancy, during childbirth and also when breastfeeding.

Raspberry leaves can help during a pregnancy for different reasons. Midwives have often used this plant over time. It is still controversial, as it can have both positive and negative effects. This is why many people are hesitant about using it.

After consulting a naturopathic practitioner and after reading a lot about the subject, here are specific theories that are associated with raspberry herbal tea and pregnancy, depending on the trimester.

First Trimester

Raspberry herbal tea can have an effect on the uterine muscle by toning it, leading to contractions or even making them stronger.

You should understand that the use of the raspberry leaf is not unanimously promoted during the first trimester. Some authors state that it can help with nausea and prevent miscarriage, but given the lack of data on this, taking the herbal tea at this stage of pregnancy is not considered safe.

Second Trimester

Once again, even if raspberry herbal tea is made up of nutritional elements that can help the mother and baby, it is not the right time, at this stage of pregnancy, to promote early uterine activity. You should avoid provoking premature labour by drinking this tea.

Third Trimester

At this stage of pregnancy, the baby is moving toward term and its arrival. Often the pregnant woman will have contractions during this trimester, called false contraction.

As I mentioned earlier, raspberry herbal tea can have an impact on uterine contractions. In the last weeks of the 3rd trimester, it can make contractions more regular, more efficient and help start labour.

Photo - Femme enceinte qui boit de la tisane aux feuilles de framboisier - tisane de framboisier pour les femmes enceintes et l'allaitementAt the same time that it increases contractions, it can also help with relaxation of the uterine muscle, which is also very important for the baby’s and mother’s recovery. The literature also mentions that this herbal tea can have an impact on relaxation, softening of the perineum, which diminishes possible traumas during delivery. Additionally, there are fewer instruments used and fewer caesareans for women who used raspberry herbal tea at the end of their pregnancy.

Is this a miracle cure? NO, of course not! But, what is interesting is that a woman who would like to use this natural product during the last month of their pregnancy to stimulate the start of labour, or strengthen their existing contractions, can use it without having concerns about the impact on themselves or their baby.

NON bien sûr! Mais, ce qui est intéressant, c’est qu’une femme qui voudrait utiliser ce produit naturel dans le dernier mois de sa grossesse pour stimule

Three cups a day during the last 3-4 weeks of pregnancy is okay. If you use herbal tea in leaf form, infuse it at least 30 minutes before serving it. If it is in a bag form, 15 minutes is enough, as it is more concentrated.

Fresh raspberry leaves do not have the same impact as dried leaves or herbal tea bags.

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