Date : 16 octobre 2016

Theme: Baby Ailments

Marie answers many questions about a range of topics live on Facebook. In this week’s video, she talks about the main baby ailments: colds, irritated buttocks, teething, cradle cap (or seborrheic dermatitis) and vaccinations. 


Introduction: 5 different themes: colds, irritated buttocks, teething, cradle cap and vaccinations

00:10:00: Colds: common baby infections, daycare, baby immaturity, prevention, infection signs and when to see a doctor, congestion and possible treatments

00:29:00: Irritated buttocks: baby stool, diarrhea? Creams or pastes? Ointments or lotions? Salves or body milk? Fungal infections?

00:30:00: Teething: Often times teething starts around 5-6 months, but different for each baby, signs teething is starting, things to help soothe pain (no miracle solutions)

00:38:00: Colic

00:43:00: Vaccinations(: La vaccination):  official recommendations, the importance of protecting babies, possible reactions to a vaccine and appropriate treatments

00:43:00: Fungal infections

00:46:00: Dry skin

00:53:00: Seborrheic dermatitis (cradle cap): how to recognise the signs, prevention and treatment

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Baby Ailments

Par Marie Fortier Temps de lecture: 1 min