Date : 6 novembre 2016

Thème : Live Facebook video with Line Boutet, a lactation consultant

Marie and Line answer questions about breastfeeding from internet users. The presentation deals with four main concepts: decisions by the couple, the relationship to build with the baby, hormones and milk composition.


Introduction: preparing for breastfeeding during pregnancy, learning about resources, prevention and benefits for mother and baby, questions about breastfeeding.

00:10:00: During pregnancy: colostrum, preparing for breastfeeding, pumping milk?

00:20:00: After childbirth: latching, compression technique, pacifiers, flat nipples

00:30:00: What do you do if you have a blocked duct?

00:36:00: First 4-6 weeks of life: strong ejection reflex, production, pain, mother’s diet, potential relactation, frequency of sessions

00:47:00: Diet and breastfeeding

00:52:00: Can I breastfeed if I had surgery?

01:00:00: Cluster feeding

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Line Boutet

Breastfeeding Consultant 


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