Date : 21 mai 2017

Theme: Preparing for Daycare with Marlène Carbonneau (french only)

Facebook Live video with Marlène Carbonneau, president of the Alliance des Intervenantes en Milieu Familiale – Estrie.

Points discussed:

  • How to prepare your child for daycare
  • How to choose a daycare
  • How to help the child adapt
  • How to transition as parents


Introduction: the transition to daycare, the feelings of parents when their baby goes to daycare, preparing for daycare

00:09:30: What should you do before choosing a daycare? How to choose your daycare

00:14:30: What are the benefits of daycare?

00:17:48: What types of daycare services are available? Public, public family and private family

00:32:00: How to make the right choice of daycare

00:51:00: Advice to ease the transition to daycare

01:00:00: Daycare costs

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Marlène Carbonneau

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