Thalasso Baby Bath® Care with Stéphanie Houde


Date : 5 février 2017

Theme: Thalasso Baby Bath® Care with Stéphanie Houde, Ambassador

A Facebook Live video with Stéphanie Houde, ambassador for Thalasso Baby Bath® care at Bedon & bout’chou. Discover more about this therapy. You will learn about its history, its benefits for newborns and how it works.



Introduction: Baby tensions after childbirth, discovering water, water’s benefits

00:03: 21: The origins of thalassotherapy

00:04: 45: Its benefits

00:08: 00: When should you do it with your baby?

00:10: 00: A session in the bath

00:15: 45: Recommended ages

00:19: 00: Care and emotions

00:21: 00: The professional’s observations

00:29:00 : Precautions

00:30: 00: Equipment needed for Thalasso Baby Bath® care

00:32: 00: Water temperature and positioning the baby


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Stéphanie Houde


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