My name is Florence, and I am pregnant for the first time. I am at 29 weeks. Last week, I had a friend who had a 2nd-degree tear during childbirth. I was wondering if it wouldn’t have been better for the doctor to cut rather than let it tear. What do you think? Thanks for your help, because I want to know as much as possible if it happens to me when I give birth. Florence

Hello Florence,

It’s normal to have questions about this, especially if it happened to your friend during childbirth. Tearing comes with discomfort that can continue into the postnatal period. Many other mothers have asked me the same question. I can tell you what it involves, but nothing is simple. Frequently, the doctor will decide whether or not to perform an episiotomy based on the situation and timing. To provide you with more information, please read an article I wrote about tearing and episiotomies during childbirth (in french only).


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