Childbirth is often a concern for women and men while waiting for their baby because it’s filled with unknowns, involving pain that is often anticipated negatively. You should know that a woman has everything she needs to deliver her baby naturally. Natural childbirth means spontaneously bringing a baby into the world vaginally, following physiological labour without using anesthetics.

Hormones such as oxytocin, endorphins, catecholamines and others are involved during labour and childbirth are very weak. They can be influenced by physical, psychological, social and environmental dimensions. That said, it’s best that the pregnant woman, from the get-go, feels comfortable with her body and in her mind, and is adequately accompanied and guided during labour and childbirth. This should promote all the elements at the same time and allow her to bring her baby into the world naturally.

Today, I saw a mother who needed an emergency cesarean section at the end of labour because her baby’s heartbeat was slowing. She was a bit disappointed with the situation because she wanted it to end differently. Everyone should be aware that when you’re lying in your bed in the delivery room, you can only do your best, not necessarily what you want. However, what is essential is that the mother and baby are healthy! Ladies, never forget that.

Even if your pregnancy has been exemplary, you can’t predict how the birth of your child will go. I think that everyone needs to trust life and be open to different ways of bringing your baby into the world. You’re not a poorer mother, woman or partner. Life is just like that! You will have done everything in your power, and for the rest, you have to learn to let go during the present moment and believe in what is best for everyone.

You have the inner strength to take on this situation. So, dig into this strength to make it through this event as healthy as possible. If the caesarian wasn’t due to issues during a previous pregnancy (ex.: breech, baby’s heartbeat, the way the baby arrives, very low placenta), maybe you can have another child and deliver vaginally and fulfill your original dream. Who knows!

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